Divine Template of perfection




It is Divine Father God. As the angels attend to all dimensions of your being, you are placed within an interdimensional chamber of light to allow this work to begin.

Offer up for release and surrender those issues with which you are currently faced which hold you back from full magnificence – those that see you in hesitation to step fully forward into your unlimitedness – and offer your fears and doubts, your sadness and pain and your fears of your inability to be worthy of your roles within the divine plan. Offer up your disappointments that your role has not yet opened fully to your awareness – and in willingness to receive, open yourself to accept the next level of your service work on behalf of mankind – as you merge your heart’s dreams for that which would bring you most pleasure and fulfillment in the use of all that you are and all that you be.

Connected to your own planet of origin, and to those places which hold particular importance for you, where your illustriousness may be most easily found and restored to you – offer up your beliefs of your blocks and obstacles to wholeness and to oneness with your god – offer up your inabilities and your doubts and fears – your patterns of disempowerment and limitation, of distortion and weakness and grief, sadness and pain – and accept as yours the godstreams with which you are now connected – with the angelics attending to your energies to release from you that which holds you back in your unlimitedness – as you flow in bliss in these realms of meaningful connection with Source and with god and with your own godliness – allowing restoration of your diamond body of light – and interconnection with all realms of illustriousness – and peace – in the full flow of the divine – without limitation – and in wholeness and restoration.

Linked in heart flames with those others who are the Dreamers of the New World – energies firmly and safely linked with Gaia and anchored in her crystal heart – and linked with those grid points of the Lemurian Grid – we call in now those who hold the earth plane in darkness and in egoic need for power and control – calling in those who harshly and thoughtlessly rape and pillage the resources of the earth – and of her inhabitants – in injustice and thoughtless desecration of the rights of freedom and of peace – we call to the warmongers – and to those who hold the financial systems of this planet earth in harsh control and without equality – to those who pull to themselves in ownership and control the resources which are there to be shared equally and without discrimination – to the bureaucrats and to the lower orders who manipulate jealously and selfishly, without care for the injustices they incur which hold so many in meaningless existence, without hope or care or assistance – and give you notice that the natural laws of justice are this day restored to earth and to humanity – and that the dualities which were desired as experiment, those which allow you to hold supremacy without thought of the results of your actions – are withdrawn, withheld, annihilated – and reinstated in their stead are the natural laws of creation which allow justice with individuality, which allow peace and plenty, which allow freedom and love.

As Dreamers of the New World, expand your heart flames in wholeness and in joined splendour, to share your ideals of love and of sharing – to allow those who have until this moment held the world and her inhabitants imprisoned in poverty and without power – to receive the benefit of your love in unconditional acceptance of all that has been – with acceptance of the nature of the playing out of the dualities that has occurred across all aeons – and allow these ones who hold the dualities in darkness and in control to receive opportunity to move, to bend, to look toward the light – and to make their move towards that which will free humanity, and Gaia, and themselves – from bondage to power, depravity and control.

And as your great heart opening expands the possibilities for these ones, to enable those who are willing to move towards the light and to equality and sharing and peaceful cohabitation with all others – we now anchor the new Universal Laws upon which the New World will build as her foundation in truth and equality.

Divine Template of Atonement Where you hold knowledge, though hidden and unacknowledged, of those actions of yours which have resulted in damage, hardship, injustice and pain for another – where you had acted from selfishness and in judgement, and harshly holding to your ego and to your need to have, to be, to be right, to win – allow knowledge of your hidden actions to surface and to be known – and acknowledged by self – those where you have acted harshly and incorrectly, made errors of judgement – and created pain and suffering for another.

And for those times when you have acted without observance of the right to freedom of another – where you have attached ownership and jealously held your rights – where you have silently withheld information – where you have not observed equality, but have shut another out – where in group energies you have mocked, cruelly, and caused harm to another – and where you have acted without regard or love for Gaia and for her earth and her creatures – have caused pain to her creatures, animals, and to the beauty of nature – where you have used chemicals without care for the results, where you have rubbished the atmosphere of her air without thought for the consequences, and scattered your leave-takings without thought or care – acknowledge your impurities – and make your atonement for any injustices within your earthly life – and with relief, as much which has formerly been hidden is brought to the light, and released with karmic absolution, your heart expands in greatness to have acknowledged with bravery that which has been brought to the light in atonement, and released from you.

In this heart opening that occurs, heart flames joined together around the world – this allows then the possibility for all others to take like opportunity – and to make recompense for the suffering they have caused and the disregard they have shown – allowing then new possibilities, new ways of acting and reacting – those which hold regard for the rights of others, of freedom and justice and equality and care of others.

And breathe deeply and receive At One Ment with self, and with all others – and with your god.

Divine Template of Accountability In acknowledging your imperfections, without guilt or shame, with responsibility, in ownership of all of your actions – allow the hidden and undisclosed errors of your life to make themselves known to you – those where you made wrong choices which led to a path of pain and suffering, for self and for others – those that you have held tightly to in egoic need to be right, to be the victim, to be the one who was treated harshly and incorrectly – and allow the correctness of the situation to now make itself known – and you are held by the angels to assist you to take responsibility for that which formerly you have projected onto another – for those relationships which failed, and where you created all blame to the other – this is your moment dear one to account to self for your errors and mistakes, that you not be holding distortions and mistakes to self, but allowing self in freedom to jettison all that holds you from perfection and knowledge of your own purity and beauty.

As you bravely offer up all that you hold where you are in error, the name-calling, the blaming and shaming – and particularly the blaming of siblings and mother and father and husband and wife – or where you are assisted now to be enabled to see the nature of your own distortions and wounds which attracted to you that which you experienced – allow self to be accountable and to admit the nature of your own inadequacies which led you to suffer, and to create suffering for others.

Such relief dear ones, to allow this deep and core hidden wounding and inadequacy and weakness and distortion to surface – and as reward for your bravery, as all that is required of you is acknowledgement of your actions – the core wounds that are held as akashic records, those which have created the patterns and behaviours you have accounted for in self – are released from you, with karmic absolution across all timelines and all dimensions – as you are assisted to forgive yourself for your transgressions and your weaknesses – and to apologise for your actions – and for the karmic cords that tie you to your pain and weakness to be cut, allowing your energies to be freed, in purity and wholeness.

And heart flames joined together around the world, in your own acknowledgement of accountability – you allow others, and here we talk particularly of those who hold humanity in darkness and control, who rape and pillage without regard for our beloved earth – to similarly take advantage of the universal truth that is offered them, as opportunity to account for their injustices and inequalities – and to receive forgiveness under karmic law – and absolution – allowing many great wrongs to be put aright – and for the turning now towards the lighted love of all – for as you sow, so shall you reap – and within the New World, it is lighted splendour which returns as the mirror of your actions of purity and sharing and justice and equality.

Divine Template of Impeachment As a collective of Dreamers, heart flames joined in unconditional love of all, allow your knowledge of all that is not of justice and equality and peace and plenty in the world to make itself known to you – and those issues that personally inflame you, those of injustice and of harshness that impact against your personal sense of what is right and honourable, and which you hear of in your media, of injustices against humanity and of Gaia and her beauty and resources, where there is harshness and suffering caused to others, where animals are treated without care, where humanity suffers so at the hands of those who in darkness and injustice use them cruelly and without regard for the individual’s rights for freedom and equality – dear ones, make your demands as Dreamers of the New World that those who act incorrectly and without honour and love of others receive impeachment under universal law – for this is the moment of accounting dear ones, when universal law holds within her mirror those who are of the light and those who are within her shadow.

And without judgement, but in acceptance of the dualities which have across the aeons until this very moment held humanity in bondage – allow the love which you share as great ones of god expand and expand in expiation of the suffering – to allow the new universal laws of Justice and Equality, of Peace and Plenty to allow a change of the highest order to now commence – as those who are of darkness and who act thoughtlessly and selfishly are give opportunity under universal law to change, to divert their attention away from self, and to allow great healing to occur, in forgiveness of their own suffering and knowledge of their wrong-doing – and for karmic recompense to occur to allow justice and equality, peace and plenty, honour and love to take the place of harshness and selfishness and lack of care of any other but self.

And as the new universal laws are anchored to earth, having called in question that which is not of divine law and resonance for all – there is resolution and change is made possible of the highest order to restore peace and plenty, justice and equality in co-ownership of the resources of our planet earth.

Divine Template of Justice Justice is restored, with acceptance and atonement and accountability offered personally, and on behalf of humanity. And this universal law now stands extant as that which applies to all. For as you sow, so shall you reap.

Divine Template of Impoverishment Deleted The duality of Impoverishment receives its annihilation this day – as the great heart opening of each Dreamer of the New World in soft sadness at the suffering and misery of so many – allows the duality to be restored to Plenty for each of Gaia’s inhabitants who in purity and sharing and love take their place upon their allotted divine paths, sharing all of the resources of our planet earth inequality, with plenty for all.

Divine Template of Sanity The Duality of Insanity alike receives its annihilation – as you call to mind those you know personally who have suffered the lack of peace and wholeness from the imbalances which have seen them fall into episodes of emotional and mental madness, turbulence and stress and loss of control of their faculties. And in your soft love at the suffering of these ones, extend your heart flames to all those who suffer so from this duality of insanity and madness, instability and suffering – and expand and expand your hearts in joy that this duality is taken from the earth plane – and replaced with that of Sanity and peace and equanimity – and all that has been based on that which is insane, irrational, crazy – is restored to that which is sensible and rational, peaceful and balanced.

Divine Template of Freedom Where you personally are not free – where you are held in bondage to bureaucracy, government, mortgage, money arrangements – or in ownership by another in relationship, unable to free self from an arrangement which holds you bound, where you have not the courage or possibility of freedom of self from that which holds you bound in misery, in disempowerment, in victimhood – of life that is unfulfilling, meaningless, lived only for survival, for money, for sustenance – but where you are not capable of freedom or of joy or of personal satisfaction – not able to decide for self the nature of your life, of your day, of your hours and minutes – and where there is misery in this – then receive from the angels who flock to be with you, who take from you your sadness and disempowerment and fear to walk forward from a situation where you are held bound without fulfillment, without meaning – the release of that which you offer them in your desire to be set free.

And as you receive the lifting of the chains and barriers and boundaries that hem you in and hold you bound – elixirs of hope and of courage and of trust are placed within each of your chakras, to allow you to make your choice, your decision, to move from that which does not serve you in a life of joy and fulfillment and peace and freedom – allowing you the courage to take the steps you know you must to give your own life meaning and purpose and to more bravely step forward upon your path of full magnificence and fulfillment.

And there is relief, as you breathe deeply, still surrendering the fears and doubts, to take your steps now upon your life path – and to receive all assistance to reward your courage and bravery to be all that of which you are capable – with karmic residues released, forgiveness offered and received, and all assistance given that you may achieve your magnificence.

And that which sets you free, is offered also to the many who are held bound in injustice and without liberty and free will – as your great hearts expand in wholeness, allowing justice and freedom to reverberate around the world as possibility for all.

Divine Template of Volition Where you are held bound by your doubts and fears and incapabilities – your stuckness, inadequacy, inability to move forward beyond your fears – accept from the angelics the release of your stuckness and of your fears and doubts and hesitations and beliefs – as you continue to offer and surrender all that holds you back from your steady progress upon your path of magnificence – releasing the original core records of the akasha that create in you the patterns that you acknowledge in self – and allowing now the freedom to choose, to decide, to be willing to accept your magnificence as your heart’s dream and desire – and to move forward now upon your path of completion, that which will bring such fulfillment and joy in the pursuit and use of all of your divine qualities and gifts and abilities, those which will bring the New World to effect from your joined hearts’ dreams.

And you are given choices – for you are in free will – and where you may feel that you are bound to a life of meaninglessness and powerlessness – then allow those vows you may have made in ages past – those that hold you without power and freedom – to be broken under the universal law of Freedom – and for its duality to be taken from you, allowing free will in totality for every area of your life and being.

Divine Template of Soul Growth As your heart flames expand and contract in love, expanding, expanding at the joy of receiving such assistance from the realms and legions of the beloved family of light, open yourselves upon your path of soul growth – and acknowledge and accept that your wholeness may be restored to you – as you open self to receive all processes to be put in place that will allow your soul growth to complete to its fullest limits of wholeness and fullness – allowing many initiations to be dispensed with, in special dispensation this day for your Dreaming path.

And your hearts’ dreams for wholeness and soul growth allow all the possibility to step onto their path of soul growth, and to evolve back to godhead.

Divine Template of Susceptibility Allow your vulnerability to the divine, your predisposition for the divine, to fill you and thrill you – as you reach for this in willingness and joy – hearts opening in remembrance of the divinity that is yours – as soul gifts are restored to you which mirror your vulnerability and susceptibility to all that is divine.

And all similarly receive the possibility of susceptibility to the divine – through the avenue of your great hearts dreaming this as possibility for all mankind.

Bliss within all possibilities given you this day, those of wholeness, divinity, freedom, and hearts’ dreams, fills you in recognition of the equality within all humanity, and the love of each and all, for their beauty, and for the freedom that will allow all to offer their individual puzzle piece which will see the creation of the New World, in equality, freedom, justice, plenty and peace.

As your path of soul growth and wholeness to magnificence opens to you now, with so much assistance given, in freedom and with joy open your hearts and your beings to receive the Universal Templates of Creation, singing the mantras to allow these to anchor through you and to Gaia and her sacred portals and grids of light –

Divine Template of Atonement KA SIANA WHU TA KA NA HA SU KWA

Divine Template of Accountability SWI KWA NA HWA TI ANA

Divine Template of Impeachment QWA SWA NWA KIANA HU SWU TWA AH

Divine Template of Justice SWI KI TA YA AH NA AH SA TU KU TWI HA NA AH YA NA

Divine Template of Impoverishment Deleted KWI ANA TU SU KU WA YA NA HA YA NA

Divine Template of Sanity HI SKWI YA NA NA NA TU NA SA NA HA

Divine Template of Freedom KU SA YA NA KI TWA NA HA SI ANA

Divine Template of Volition SU KA YA NA TI HA SA NA HU KWI TA YA

Divine Template of Soul Growth KI AH HA SA KU TA YA NA HA SI AHA

Divine Template of Susceptibility KIANA HA SA NA HU KWI AH TA

And as the dualities of Dishonour, Selfishness, Hardship, Bondage, Insanity and Injustice receive their annihilation, and as the Universal Laws of Atonement, Accountability, Impeachment, Justice, Impoverishment Deleted, Sanity, Freedom, Volition, Soul Growth and Susceptibility are anchored to earth, that which is of darkness is put asunder, and that which is of light shines upon the world as heightened possibility.

With joy and wonder, in bliss and empowered as Dreamers to play your role in the annihilation of that which has held bound so many in misery and disempowerment, share with your voices the anchoring of the Divine Templates as the worlds shift and move and all possibilities are put in place – toning and sounding and making your Oms – to share with humanity the new possibilities, and with Gaia and her portals, her waterways and oceans and with her animals and devas and realms and kingdoms and with humanity.

And we ask the Divine Templates of Justice, Atonement, Accountability and Impeachment in their anchoring through us to earth to allow only those who hold purity, without arrogance and selfishness, in altruistic love and regard of all in equality, to manifest their creations and to have success in their dreams and projects.

And as you flow in the blissful streams of godliness, receive all the support and love that will sustain all of your days within your life plan as leaders and Dreamers of the New World – flowing with the godstreams – as you make your requests, and receive all that you require for fulfillment, peace, and connection with the divine that will sustain every area of your life.

I am Divine Father God





Divine Template of perfection


Divine Template of perfection