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Voice Transmissions of the creation language of light

~ 2014 program of ascension frequency ~ 

~ Death of Fear
~ Disengagement from the Pain, Suffering, Fear and Distortion of the
    Humanity Collective
~ Suffering Dissolved
    patterns, programs, blockages of duality and suffering released
~ Travel the Timelines of Past and Parallel Lives
   to dissolve the wounds and memories of trauma and suffering
~ Healing of Ancestral and Genetic DNA Lineage
~ Infusion of Confidence and Self-Love
~ Saturation of Trust
~ Plunge into the Abyss of Acceptance and Surrender
~ Saturation of Grace
~ Security, Safety, Peace and Well-being
~ Immersion and Embodiment of Highest Frequency
~ Quintessence of Mastery and Highest Soul Gifts
~ Soar within the Beauty Realms and along the Beauty Path
~ Journey to the God Realms

The voice transmissions contain 14 new frequencies anchored to earth for lightworkers – to support us incrementally to be freed from the lower matrix of fear and suffering – and to surge high above all lower realms – traversing the new pathways of ascension that are so recently made available for us.

Over the past months we have worked to release permanently from the earth realm so many forces of darkness, and so many archetypal energies of duality.  There has been so much continuing opposition from these forces – to prevent these voice transmissions being shared.

Each time that these ones are released from the earth plane permanently, immediately – clearing the ancestral lineage – assisted and supported to dissolve all karma – reclaiming all wisdom and learning gained over all experiences, all dimensions – and merged with soul monad and with God – a pathway is created.

For each archetypal duality – and each force and realm of darkness – an individual pathway is created.  And so it is now possible for all archetypes of that form – and all entities of darkness, sorcery, oppression, coercion, control, manipulation – these ones holding and controlling the particular archetypal duality – to be similarly released permanently and forever.  As each dark one is released from the earth plane and back to God – a stream of energies, beings, who are affected and controlled by that particular duality – is also freed.  In this way the earth plane is freed of these distorted fear-based realities that have until now been controlled by the dark forces.  Not only the dark forces are released back to God – but the dualities that they have controlled – those that have kept us imprisoned – are also dissolved – and permanent pathways are enabled, that all may similarly be freed from this imprisonment by lower fear-based controls.

And so the voice transmissions, this series of 14 – allows each of us to enter these new high pathways of wonder – and to receive release of all that holds us down, oppresses us through suffering and control and distortion and duality.  We travel along the pathways – offering for release the distortions we name and acknowledge in ourselves – as these are dissolved with karmic absolution, as we traverse the akashic library – clearing also our ancestral lineage.  We travel to the halls of higher learning and wisdom where are held all of the gains of knowledge, truth, understanding and higher wisdom and love that we have achieved over all existence and through all dimensions.  And we merge with our soul monad, also receiving these gifts and blessings on behalf of the whole – and merge with our godliness – and wholeness and peace, bliss and freedom from all lower suffering is experienced, incrementally – through the 14 dimensions of the voice transmissions offered in this year.

There was urgency to bring these new frequencies to earth.  It became apparent that the need to activate and anchor these frequencies would be precipitated by the strong personal challenges that entered my life – as is often the case in anchoring new work, new holograms, codes of sacred geometry, frequencies.  And it felt that, though bringing these frequencies to earth could bring their own challenge for me – at least the solutions were now in place to deal with the challenges J  And this was the case.

 And so at 2am one morning I recorded them all on my Mac.  If the recording quality is not perfect – then the images are – as Jean-Manuel has created this beautiful series of videos, sharing his wondrous images.

Yesterday I worked with the voice transmission Death of Fear.  Lovely to hear your voice again and I played it a couple of times to unravel the many layers.  Each time the hologram got anchored on a deeper level: cell, organs, timelines, light bodies and so on.  I saw you dancing with the butterfly scarf as all got dissolved and spiraled up. Witnessing my essence shine through. Your dance was a mirror of the freedom that awaits and lies within us as all fear falls away and we can just be and live our joy.’   Amma’trisha, Nederlands               




The benefit of receiving the voice transmissions is exponential – and you can listen as frequently as you wish.
  • As you listen:

    • bring to mind the daily struggles and fears and suffering – name this and surrender it to the angels as this is taken from you.
    • name the blocks that hold you from a peaceful and masterful life as the original akashic records that lie at the core of these struggles and pain are dissolved.
    • call in all mastery and soul gifts from the higher dimensions that are yours to reclaim as we traverse the halls of higher learning and wisdom where is stored all truth, knowledge, higher dimensional bodies of light and mastery
    • merge with your soul group, monad – and twin flame – in wholeness
    • merge with god and reclaim the Oneness which has been lost, forgotten
    • traverse freely and safely the grace realms, beauty realms, magnetic realms, destiny realms, holographic universes – as you become magnetic to your highest possible potential and the life of your dreams
    • give voice to this perfect life as you call in your highest destiny opportunities, partners
    • dream the perfect life –  and interconnect with your highest destiny reality as you are aligned with this beautiful path – the life of your highest dreams