And for those who do not yet feel this commitment, the Light Body Repair Kit will create great acceleration in your life …  restoring the light body … raising your vibration … enabling the return of many divine gifts …  and lifting you above the denseness of the collective consciousness.

A channelled reading of Keepership and Life Mission will open the doorway through which you will discover the jewel of God you hold as your especial gift of great power and fulfilment.

And a Clearing of your Akashic Records will find and release the disenabling core karmic wounds and patterns that create pain, struggle, and disempowerment in your daily life – and in dissolving the blocks and obstacles, you are enabled to make intents of that which you wish to receive in your life that will bring fulfillment, peace, ease – and the use of all of your gifts and talents and passions.

There is also a 4 CD set “Celestial Sounds of Transcendance” & a variety of God Gene Pendants available for sale