Light Body Restoration Kit

By restoring your light body to its original blueprint you release from each individual chakra, gateway, vortex and diamond plate of your energy body the distortions, blockages, disempowering akashic records, and impediments to full power and fulfillment

  • Voice transmission of sacred sound

    Journey with Lord Maitreya, many angelic beings and light, technicians from Sirius, Arcturus and Andromeda for psychic surgery as your light body receives restoration through the language of light, celestial harmonies, accompanied by the sounds of the Tibetan Bells.

  • 120 drawings of sacred geometry codes
    … repattern each individual chakra … each gateway and vortex … each individual diamond plate of the energy body 
    … restoring to your original divine creation blueprint

  • Lie comfortably to receive the sacred sound transmission of light language and the Tibetan Bells and receive repatterning of each and every circuitry, chakra and diamond plate of your energy body.

  • Use the codes of sacred geometry, releasing distortions and blockages, repatterning and restoring the energy body to original perfection.

    Work with the written channelled activation which takes you on a journey of restoration, and gives an explanation of each of the chakras and diamond plates.

Each elixir package includes

  • sacred sound voice transmission mp3 link
  • channelled activation
  • codes of sacred geometry 
    (files forwarded by email)


Astrea Sri Ana’s gift brought to earth for humanity
is her ability to repattern the electro-magnetic field
… to restore and repattern the light body
to its original divine blueprint.


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Light Body Kit: 133US$
special note to Astrea Sri Ana:


Monday, 4. April 2016

Newsletter – April 2016

Some months ago I relocated to beautiful Port Douglas in Far North Queensland, resting, replenishing my energy after some years of intense planetary work, soothed and filled with peace, health, inspiration and joy in the beauty of this lush and wonderful place.

Am re-emerging from this time of quiet peace without responsibility – and readying for the next pathway.

Has been so intensely challenging for many – but the gains are clear to us as we look back to the one who was us only a year ago. Surely, transforming in light, in acceptance of our path – knowing the initiations we have chosen are to alchemise our lower memories where we have been not perfect in mind, body and soul.

Relentlessly hammered by the planetary alignments, perfectly chosen by us to be here, now, and receive the benefits of this that alchemises our baser selves to golden light and mastery.

This year continues in this way – and the path gets easier even as it becomes more challenging, as we have gained the tools that support us, and deeper acceptance of our path – and even though we may question our perfection, and seriously doubt this many times, we are closer and closer to embodying our mastery, and readying to channel this perfection permanently, relentlessly, unquestionably – to Gaia and with all of our human family of light.

Along the way I have been given new Holograms of Creation – of the Physical Body – and of the Goddess – and so happy to share these to use, as they hold the highest and newest frequencies.

As I replenish my energy and complete this current embodiment – there is such a calling to share further sacred mystery schools. I feel I will spend the rest of my days sharing this training in all the corners of the earth.

Not yet confirmed – but strongly intended – is to offer The Path of the Mystic in beautiful Santorini, Greece in late September this year. Our time there in 2015 was magical, and fun. Ease, joy, beauty – and strong connection with the beautiful ones who gathered to receive in this place that holds the Atlantis codes. Will advise and confirm in next newsletter.

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Friday, 28. August 2015

Newsletter – August 2015

These are intense times – the planetary alignments certainly allowing us, forcing us, to go very deep to allow all that holds us bound and blocked to be acknowledged, cleared – so that all that awaits us, soon, and allows our ascension into the new world – is cleared – every block and obstruction.

Have recently relocated north of Byron Bay on the eastern coast of Australia – not so easy to make the transitions that see us say goodbye to what was not working – as there is so much to let go, so much to leave behind. As part of my own transition I found the need to draw the latest series of holograms. Using these daily, morning and night, naming each day every incident that shows where I am not aligned with my highest joy and perfection – and clearing with the holograms – clearing every block, doubt, obstruction and anxiety, every incident where I am not aligned, not in joy – all that prevents ascension into the frequencies of the new world is cleared. Have found these holograms immensely powerful – shifting me into the next level of my destiny path.

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Wednesday, 24. June 2015

MOAB, UTAH, September, 2015

The Path of the Mystic, Sacred Mystery School with Astrea Sri Ana Moab, Utah, USA – September 16-22nd, 2015 Astrea Sri Ana will share her Sacred Mystery School – Path of the Mystic, for the first time in North America, on sacred land atop a mesa! Site of the very exciting Cloud Rock project, sacred location with […]

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